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Writing with Pen

You tell your story,


Why Coaching by Samara?


Positive Reviews

From real people navigating real careers. Check us out on Google & LinkedIn.


Clients Served

From entry-level to C-suite leaders providing resumes, interview prep, and strategy sessions.


Online Community

Following to receive daily career tips across Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We work differently

We use a collaborative approach

Working together, we relive your career history together, identify themes, translate your experience, and tell the whole story in a way that sets you up for success.

Real-time, live working sessions

Unlike other service providers, we work together in real time via zoom. This personal process is what sets us apart from our competitors.

There is no one size fits all

Everyone has a different story with different successes and tribulations to capture and tell. We don’t put you in a box, we construct your unique package.

Helping you reach your goals is why we are here.

Client Testimony

"Samara is just who I needed at this stage of my career. She listened carefully to the things I said about my work and was able to identify areas for me to improve. She even identified and created a tagline/branding for my style of work. She gave me confidence by clearly defining all of my accomplishments.11/10!!"

- Jamie Fowler, Technology Leader, Beer Industry

Our clients have secured roles with:

World Map

We have worked with clients from all over the globe, including:

United States, UK, Australia, Canada, Bahrain, Nigeria, Germany, Belgium, China, Ghana, Puerto Rico, France, Cayman Islands

Take control of your career

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