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Carefully crafting your

story for what comes next

You bring the stories, content and who you are. Together, we make sure you feel equipped and confident to showcase yourself and the value you can bring to advance your career. 


 We are your partner in navigating your career.

6+ years of shaping careers and lives

Since 2017, Coaching by Samara has focused on supporting people in their careers. However, for the owner Samara Elkins, it began way before 2017. She found herself at crossroads in her life, wanting to make a career change but was at a loss for what to do. What steps to take and how to make it happen? 

Samara had always held multi-faceted, cross-functional roles that were hard to get on paper and talk about in a concise way. Through research and networking, Samara learned first-hand how to delicately construct her own career story and build her own career path transitioning from education to a Program Manager role at a healthcare IT company. Quickly, she found herself as a go-to person for friends and colleagues looking to move up the career ladder, switch industries or find the right fit for their own unique skill set.

Meet Our Team

From diverse industries with unique stories, expertise in career breaks, career changes and growth planning, we collectively bring 40+ years of experience to you.

Invest in your career

We help you get more interviews, speak to your value with confidence, and advance in your career.

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