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The Never Ending Hiring Process

Is there a sweet spot on how many interviews should take place and how long the hiring process should last?

Are hiring processes too long? How many interviews are necessary to find the right fit?

Companies have dramatically extended their interview and hiring processes to vet candidates thoroughly. But, what is the right number of interviews and how long should the process take?

According to SHRM (The Society of Human Resources Management), the average hiring process duration is 42 days with as many as 59 for more technical roles like Engineering.

Candidates need to ensure that they find the right fit for themselves while going through the hiring process. At the same time, companies also deserve to find the perfect candidate.

However, some companies have candidates interviewing for a role for more than 6 months with 10+ interviews and multiple weeks between communications with pauses to re-evaluate their needs throughout.

Although there is not a one size fits all approach for all companies and roles, there are some things that companies can do to make the experience better and more productive for all when the hiring process seems to go on forever:

1. Clearly communicate timelines and expectations.

This includes how many rounds of interviews, overall timeline estimates, and any other unique parts of the hiring process. Clients have called to prepare for an offer only to find out there are 3 more rounds of interviews lined up because the recruiter just said, can we touch base with no context.

2. Be ready to hire for the position when the role is posted.

If you post a role before really defining what it will do and knowing where it will fit, it is easier for roles to fall off the docket. I have had clients interviewing for roles where the company says we are still defining exactly what this role will look like OR priorities have changed and we are unable to fill this position at this time. This can also be really confusing for a candidate to understand what they are actually interviewing for.

3. Ensure internal alignment on the process and ideal candidate.

Make sure the whole hiring team is on the same page. This includes what types interview questions are being asked, what key qualities you are looking for, and how you talk about the role. I have had many clients get conflicting information from different members of the hiring team throughout the process causing confusion on what they are really interviewing for.

4. What else? Comment Below

What are we missing? Add yours in the comments below!

We all want to find the right fit, and the more touch points and communications throughout the process are a key way. But when a company interviews someone for 6 months, is the job they are interviewing for still the same?

Asking for a friend :)

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