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Interview Prep Kit

Interview Prep Kit


This interview preparation kit provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to excel in your interviews by building your own interview playbook that you can use and reuse throughout your career!


Learn how to, not only, think about interviewing but how to prepare, practice, and reflect. Let's face it, interviewing isn't going anywhere. 


Topics covered include: 

  • Overall Interview Mindset
  • Pre-Interview Researching
  • Identifying and Preparing Key Content  
  • Answering all Sorts of Interview Questions
  • Practice Strategies
  • Pre/During/Post Interview Checklist
  • Challenging Topics & Topics to Avoid
  • Post-Interview Analysis

Each section is full of guidance, best practices, real-life examples, and activity sheets that build upon each other. 


BONUS: Free excel job tracker included!


*1-on-1 services are also available for resumes, career coaching, and interview prep. Visit to learn how to work directly with Samara!

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